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                Bourdon tube pressure gauges with electrical contact

                Electrical contact pressure gauge

                Nominal Size in mm100, 160
                Ranges-1 ~ 0 to -1 ~ 15bar
                0 ~ 1 to 0 ~ 1000bar
                Minium rangeContact
                MK single 1.6 bar
                MK double 1.6 bar
                EK/IK single 1 bar
                EK/IK double 1 bar
                Application areaSteady
                ≤600 bar  full scale value
                >600bar   3/4 X full scale value
                Dynamic load:
                ≤600 bar  0.9 X full scale value
                >600bar   2/3 X full scale value
                Short term:
                ≤600 bar  1.3X full scale value
                >600bar   fully scale value
                Contact typesMagnetic spring contact(MK)
                Electronic contact(EK)
                Inductive contact(IK)
                Operating temperature rangeAmbient:-20 …. +60℃ without liquid filling
                Medium: 150℃  
                Temperature performanceWhen the temperature of the measuring system deviates from the reference temperature (+20℃): max.±0.4%/10k of the span
                Degree of protectionIP54 (EN 60529)

                Standard Version

                ConnectionStainless steel 316L, bottom or back
                G1/2 – spanner size SW22
                Electrical connectionJunction box
                Measuring elementBourdon tube, Stainless steel 316
                ≤60bar  “C” type tube
                >60bar   helical tube
                MovementStainless steel
                DialAluminum, white,
                Dial marking black
                PointerAluminum, black
                CaseStainless Steel 304
                Bayonet type bezel
                Stainless steel 304
                WindowMakrolon, with contact adjustment lock


                Liquid filling(silicone oil)

                Back flange

                3- hole fixing, panel mounting bezel

                Other process connections

                Special scales


                Bourdon tube pressure gauges with electrical contacts

                NS 100, 160 

                RF100_160 Ch MK_IK_EK D4-2.jpg