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                Capsule Pressure Guage




                With zero correction

                Nominal size in mm63, 100,160
                Accuracy Class (according to EN837-1)1.6
                Measuring rangesNS63,100: 0 … 25mbar to 0 … 1000mbar
                NS160: 0 … 6mbar to 0 … 1000bar
                And all corresponding vacuum and compound ranges with overpressure protection
                Application areaSteady:  full scale value
                Dynamic load: 0.9 X full scale value
                Short term: 1.3 X fully scale value
                Operating temperature rangeAmbient: -20 …. +60℃

                Medium: +60℃ maximum

                Temperature performance

                When the temperature of the measuring system deviates from the reference temperature (+20℃): max.±0.4%/10k of the span

                Degree of protection
                NS63,160:  IP33 (EN 60529)
                NS100:     IP54 (EN 60529)

                Standard Version

                Process connectionCopper alloy, bottom or centre back
                NS 63      G1/4B  -- SW14
                NS 100,160  G1/2B – spanner size SW22
                Pressure elementCapsule element, CuBe alloy
                MovementCopper alloy
                Zero correction
                From the front
                DialAluminium, white,
                Dial marking black and red
                PointerAluminium, black
                CaseStainless Steel 304
                Bayonet type bezelStainless steel 304


                Other process connection, the connection thread can be PT, NPT, BSPT etc.

                Reference pointer

                Back flange

                Window is instrument glass

                Special scales

                Panel mounting bezel

                Steel case

                3-hole fixing, panel mounting bezel

                Other special versions